*SECONDS* Sakana Enamel Pins

Image of *SECONDS* Sakana Enamel Pins

Reduced-price pins for the economically-minded consumer who doesn't mind a little extra "uniqueness" in their purchase!

These are pins with minor defects like overfilled areas, underfilled areas, small missing shapes, bubbles, permanent smudges, metal scratching, etc. No SECONDS pin will be so defective that its flaws are visible from a distance, therefore they'll still look great on bags and boards!

Each SECONDS pin is $5, and comes individually bagged for protection. Some pins are more prone to defect than others and availability varies by pin.

Additional specs:
> 1.5"
> Hard Enamel
> Shiny Gunmetal Plating
> 2 Metal Fasteners

> The price of international shipping has risen, and my shipping prices have been adjusted to reflect the new cost of non-letter parcels.

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